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Ever receive a helping hand from someone at a time when you were at your most vulnerable and in need of assistance? Ever meet someone who went the extra mile to ensure your needs were not only satisfied, but exceeded? Ever wish you could pay tribute to these generous soles and share with the world insight into just how selfless these people truly are?

We know them as Good Samaritans, people who not only deserve our thanks but people who deserve to be honored. 

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There are a lot of choices online when it comes to Web Forums/Web Communities however there are precious few that selflessly help people through difficult situations in a supportive and non-judgmen

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Good Samaritans Tom and Jan of Hope BC

In March 2010, I received a phone call at work of the type that no one wants to ever answer.

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Account registration has been enabled once again for those interested in signing up and leaving a tribute to a Good Samaritan.

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